French Classes

French courses at Soleil Provence are
Regular, Intensive,
Combined Intensive,
Intense Immersion and
Thematic, French for Kids.

Regular French
for general conversation
and grammar. They are
usually offered once
a week. Each class is
70 minutes long.
Intensive French
offered in the following
sessions: twice a week
(2 classes 60 minutes each)
or once a week - 2x50
minutes classes
(100 minutes of French).
Intensive courses are
for a specific purpose
(work, travel, exam, etc).

Intense French Immersion
Each session is from
½ day or 1 day.
Thematic French ateliers offered once a week for
a short term (1 month,
3 months, 6 months)
. Each lesson is 70∼90 minutes
long and usually meet once
a week.

French for kids
in sessions of 60 minutes.